Organic Farming

We make every effort to ensure that the transport of your goods of organic origin adheres to European regulations.

Electronic biocertificate

The Certificate of Inspection (COI) is now electronic. It is issued via the TRACES application, developed by the European Commission, thus providing a stronger guarantee for consumers. This certificate must be validated by the DDPP (products of plant origin) or the DGAL (products of animal origin) at the designated point ofentry (DPE) in TRACES NT, upon arrival on European Union territory. This formality ensures strict compliance with traceability.

Importation of organic products

Products from organic farming can be imported into the European Union if guarantees are provided in terms of compliance with the rules for the production oforganic farming in third countries.

Regulation (EU) n°2018/848 regulates the import of these products. In order for animported product to be sold as organic, it must comply with standards equivalent to those of European products. Procedures have been implemented to this effect, whichall importers must follow if they wish to market a product as organic. These procedures depend on the origin of the products.

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