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Warning: regulations applicable to the import of products from organic farming.

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Dried fruits potentially contaminated by aflatoxins

The import of dried fruits potentially contaminated by aflatoxins, as listed in Regulation (EC) 884/2014, 884/2014, must present the following in support of the customs declaration.

a health certificate issued by the competent authorities of the country of origin

the results of a sampling and analysis procedure

the common entry document (CED) duly completed by the authorities that performedthe health checks at the point of entry into Community territory.‍

Moreover, these foods can only be imported through a limited number of designated import points. The list can be consulted on the DGCCRF website.


Mushrooms from Eastern Europe

The import of mushrooms from certain eastern countries subject to the radioactivity tolerances listed in Regulation (EC) 1635/2006 of 6 November 2006 requires the presentation, in support of the customs declaration, of an export licence attesting compliance with the maximum radioactivity tolerances drawn up by the competent authorities of the country of origin.

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