Transport of dangerous materials and goods

We comply with the highest standards of all applicable regulations.

Our strengths


Our teams will guide you in the management of your flows of regulated goods.


All of our employees have received training in the transport of dangerous goods


Each year a Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA) conducts an audit and issues us a certification.

As a responsible company we recognise the absolute importance of safety

 We offer our customers a service that ensures

The safety of people and goods

Environmental protection

Compliance with regulations throughout the transportation process.

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Classification of dangerous goods

The regulations pertaining to dangerous goods are constantly evolving. To keep our customers informed of any changes in progress, we maintain a permanent regulatory watch.

The United Nations has established a universal classification system for the labelling and packaging of dangerous goods in order to harmonise and organise their transport under optimal safety conditions.

Dangerous goods are divided into nine classes and a few subclasses. These are identified by specific numbers, which must be used in the dangerous goods declaration, on the labelling of the means of transport (container, box, or trailer), aswell as on the packaging.

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