Flavours and essential oils

In order to ensure the transportation of goods, our teams are trained in the specific regulations of products made up of chemical elements and active ingredients qualified as complex natural substances.

We comply with specific regulations

Our teams have been trained with regard to the regulations governing the transport of essential oils and aromatic extracts.
To transport these families of products made up of chemical elements and ingredients qualified as complex natural substances (CNS), we have the expertise and experience that will enable you to carry out your shipments.  

The nature and use will determine the regulations as well as the rules applicable to the CNS. Importers and exporters, after determining the chemical identity, will berequired to comply with European regulations.

Some materials require marking as well as suitable packaging. The documentary requirements will differ from one product to another. We will provide the support that best suits your needs throughout the transport chain.

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Dangerous goods

Certain goods, because of their dangerous or evolving nature (harmful products, pharmaceutical products or preparations, etc.), require special attention in the event that they have to be moved. Our teams are able to efficiently provide you with advice: transport plan, customs formalities, certificates, dangerous goods declarations.

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